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Physical therapy is a top career choice in "The Heart of Dixie". According to Indeed.com, the average physical therapist in Alabama is approximately $94,000, which is actually six percent higher than the national median income for physical therapists. Not only do Alabama jobs in physical therapy offer competitive wages, but they're also in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated a 33 percent growth in the field of physical therapy (PT) between 2006 and 2016. Indeed.com's job trend graph shows that physical therapy in Alabama has been steadily rising since 2006. Getting started in a career in physical therapy in Alabama is an easy field to get into that is also financially rewarding, especially in the state of Alabama.

Physical therapists in Alabama help to restore patients to their peak performance by assisting them in restoring their mobility, avoiding future injury and eliminating pain. In order to fulfill these job functions, Alabama physical therapists must complete several requirements.

Requirements to Become a Physical Therapist in AL

Alabama residents who wish to practice physical therapy within the state must meet the requirements set forth by The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). Qualified physical therapists in Alabama are required to graduate from high school or complete an equivalency program in order to earn a degree in physical therapy.

In order to enter a physical therapy school in the state of Alabama, an individual must first, have a bachelor's degree in a field related to physical therapy – for example, kinesiology, exercise science or physiology. After receiving a bachelor's degree, one must apply to a physical therapy school. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has approved 234 physical therapy programs throughout the U.S. An aspiring physical therapist will need to complete a two to three year degree depending on the desired program level (Master OR Doctor of Physical Therapy).

Alabama PTs have several options, in terms of education. In order to earn a Masters Degree in physical therapy, Alabama residents will need to enroll in one of the 68 CAPTE-approved Master's programs (MPT, MS or MSPT) or one of the 142 doctor of physical therapy programs in the United States. Before graduating as an undergraduate, Alabama residents who are hoping to become PTs should find out about the requirements for their choice schools prior to applying because each school has different criteria for student acceptance. Some schools admit students before they finish undergraduate work (on the condition that they meet coursework and GPA requirements) and some schools allow students to apply before they have finished their undergraduate work.

Physical Therapists in Alabama have a bright future and a promising career. If you're interested in the medical industry, and you think you're an ideal candidate for helping people in a field like physical therapy – get started with an in-depth education to be working as a doctor or other professional in the field within just a few years.