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One can pursue a number of different routes with their career in physical therapy. One of the essential questions when it comes to which avenue you pursue in your physical therapy career is how much you would like to be your own boss versus working for another corporation. The physical therapist has a great deal of possible autonomy which is a nice part of this particular career choice. Also, if a person were to be so inclined, they could work solely for another entity such as a hospital or another health provider. The amount that a physical therapist works for a company or by themselves is entirely up to them.

When working for another organization such as a hospital, the life of a physical therapist is up to the whims of the hospitals needs. As patients come in that require the PT’s services, the hospital will send them to the professional who will work with them to create a plan for the patients’ progress and Therapist Starting his Careerthen help the patient to execute that plan. Often, this will be for patients that have experienced a trauma or a disease that has debilitated them to the point that they require the hospitals assistance to live and the physical therapist aids in granting these patients their eventual autonomy, if not at least a limited amount of independence, from the institute they are living in.

The independent route for the physical therapist would be to create your own private practice and to contract out your services to the different institutions that may need your assistance. These private practices will usually have a facility that they treat patients in and would have patients referred to the practice from outside sources. The physical therapist is rarely the first person in the chain of healthcare and so it is rare for them to get a lot of patients off of the street. As a result, often there will be some sort of contracts or partnerships with local hospitals or other healthcare facilities so that the physical therapist can get more business. Even with these contracts though, the practitioner that opts to begin his or her own practice will be in a position to make more choices in terms of their own hours as it is essentially the same as owning one’s own business.

Practically speaking, many physical therapists will also opt to do some sort of blend of the above two options. Many will work part time at a hospital so many days a week and in their own practice so many days etc. This kind of mixing of schedules often will provide the greatest money benefit given the least amount of necessary sacrifice time-wise.

Career Outlook is Bright

The bureau of labor statistics has come out and said that “employment is expected to grow much faster than average,” for physical therapists. They have also expressed that “Job opportunities should be good.” This bodes well for those considering going to physical therapy school as, especially in the current economic climate, it is good to know that there will be a good chance of a job waiting for you at the end of your schooling.