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Why Choose Occupational Therapy schools in Wyoming - WY

If you or a loved one has become recently disabled, you may want to hire an Occupational Therapist to help you (or your loved one) return to a healthy, functional and independent lifestyle. In the following information, we will explain why you should consider choosing an occupational therapist in the state of Wyoming.

Highest Paid Occupational Therapists in the Nation

Wyoming is one of the highest paying states for professional Occupational Therapists (OTs). The average income for OTs in Wyoming is approximately $104,000 annually (According to Indeed.com on December 15, 2010). This income bracket for Occupational Therapists is at least 18 percent higher than the national average income for OTs. In fact, most OT positions in Wyoming pay at least six figures. For example, an OT who specializes in rehabilitation can make $131,000 per year. Therefore, it's comforting to know that if you hire an OT in Wyoming, they are being well paid, which helps to provide confidence to those entrusting their loved ones to an OT's care. It makes sense that when professionals are being appropriately compensated that they will perform the job requirements to the best of their ability.

Exceptional OT Programs in Wyoming

There are only eleven colleges and universities in the state of Wyoming, however, out of those eleven -- five are currently offering top-rated Occupational Therapy programs. Students who receive their OT degree or certification in Wyoming are guaranteed to be an expert in their field.

Read our reviews of the five higher education programs in Wyoming that offer degrees and programs in Occupational Therapy.

University of Wyoming (Laramie)
Students can earn their Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degrees in Occupational Therapy. Tuition fees are lower than average and students staying on-campus have affordable housing options, as well. The University of Wyoming offers an ROTC program for those interested in being licensed in OT. The student body at the U of W in Laramie has approximately 12,400 students.

Casper College (Casper)
Casper College in Casper, WI offers students with the opportunity to get their Associate's degree in Occupational Therapy. This college offers cheap tuition and affordable on-campus housing options, as well. Casper has more than 4,600 students in the total population.

Northwest College (Powell)
Northwest in Wyoming offers students who are interested in OT, to earn their Associate's degree in Occupational Therapy. Northwest tuition rates are inexpensive. In addition, the total count for students is approximately 1,900 and Northwest offers a relatively safe campus, as well.

Western Wyoming Community College (Rock Springs)
Students who are enrolled in WWCC in Rock Springs can earn their Associate's degree. This community college offers cheap tuition and a relatively safe campus with about 5,900 students in attendance.

Sheridan College (Sheridan)
At Sheridan, students can earn their Associate's degree in Occupational Therapy. This college option offers cheap tuition fees and a relatively safe campus with more than 4,400 students enrolled in the college. With higher pay and exceptional education opportunities for Occupational Therapists in Wyoming -- it makes perfect sense why you should consider choosing an OT in Wyoming to help your loved ones regain their independence.