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The Benefits of Occupational Therapy in Virginia

Occupational Therapy is needed in Virginia (and other parts of the US) more now, than ever before. The need is great, due to the incredible benefits of occupational therapy to individuals living in Virginia and across the world. In the following information, we will explain how Virginians can benefit from Occupational Therapy.

Definition of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is classified under the healthcare profession. OT deals with individuals who are disabled due to an injury or chronic illness. Occupational Therapy helps to develop, restore and maintain a patient's mobility, independence and teaches these individuals how to adjust socially -- without limitations. Therefore, an Occupational Therapist addresses a patient's everyday activities and therapeutically trains them on how to transition from non-functional to fully functional. Often, occupational therapy is combined with other treatments such as, physical therapy, in order to promote an independent lifestyle for individuals who need OT.

Advantages for All Ages

Occupational Therapy can be beneficial for people of all ages ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics.


Therefore, children with autism, blindness, developmental disabilities or other disabling conditions or birth defects will be able to benefit from Occupational Therapy. OT professionals can work with children in various ways to enhance their quality of life by helping them to interact and communicate with others; reducing environmental barriers that prohibit learning, as well as, participating with family and other community activities; identifying and developing engagement in play activities; providing assistive supports and technology devices; improving social skills; and educating the child's school and family members about any changes in routines or roles.


In addition, adults in Virginia can also benefit from Occupational Therapy. Therefore, adults who have developed or experienced a chronic, disabling condition such as -- an amputation, post-traumatic stress, arthritis, Alzheimer's, heart attack or stroke or any other injury or illness -- can benefit from Occupational Therapy, as well. OT professionals are able to work with adults who have experienced a debilitating condition by re-training motor skills and mobility including, eating, sleeping, moving, talking, bathing, cooking, driving, etc. An Occupational Therapist can also assist disabled adults by providing them with the skills, tools; equipment and motivation they need to return to work or perform household chores. In addition, adults can benefit from Occupational Therapy from a social and entertainment aspect, as well. OTs can teach adults to interact with their families and peers, again, help them enjoy their favorite hobbies and pastimes and much, much more.

From Disabled to Enabled

The goal of occupational therapy is to help people have productive, satisfying and independent lives. The benefits of Occupational Therapy aren't always visible, but they are there -- in a child's smile when he can play with other children, in a woman's voice when she is able to cook for herself and in a man's eyes when he can dress himself and drive his own car to his grandson's ballgame. Occupational Therapy can make an incredible difference in someone's life and the need for Occupational Therapists in Virginia, continues to grow. To compassionate and creative individuals, living in Virginia: will you consider a rewarding career in Occupational Therapy?