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Why Choose Occupational Therapy in Vermont

There is a variety of reasons to choose a career in occupational therapy in Vermont -- discover yours.


According to Indeed.com, the average income for Occupational Therapists in Vermont is $91,000, which is approximately four percent higher than the average OT salary, across the US. In addition, the rate of pay for Occupational Therapists is expected to increase, in Vermont and elsewhere across the United States, as well. Therefore, not only can this career be emotionally rewarding, but it can also be financially rewarding, too.


In Vermont (and other states in the US), the job outlook for occupational therapists is very high. Unlike most other jobs, the rate of employment in occupational therapy is continually on the rise and expected to stay that way until at least 2018. In this bleak economy, it's important to look for "recession-proof" job opportunities to protect your financial future, as well as, your families. Therefore, choosing a career such as, occupational therapy wherein the outlook remains positive -- is a great way to ensure your prosperity.


Vermont has 28 colleges and universities and out of the 28 schools, five colleges provide Occupational Therapy programs. Therefore, individuals who are deciding to start a career in OT or for those who are interested in continuing their education in occupational therapy will have plenty of options in the great state of Vermont. The average cost of college tuition for a year in Vermont is approximately, $19,400.

Occupational Therapy Programs in Vermont

Castleton State College (Castleton) CSC offers three different majors in occupational therapy with options for students to achieve their Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in occupational therapy. In addition, Castleton State College in Castleton, VT offers ROTC programs to prospective OTs, as well. The tuition is moderately expensive with inexpensive on-campus housing options.

Lyndon State College (Lyndonville) LSC provides three majors in occupational therapy and allows students to earn their Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's degree in OT, as well. LSC also offers ROTC programs to those studying occupational therapy. Tuition fees are moderately expensive, but there are plenty of affordable housing options, on campus. The campus is small with a student population of only 1,500 students for more personalized learning.

University of Vermont (Burlington) The University of Vermont provides opportunities for individuals to receive their Bachelor's, Masters or doctoral degrees in occupational therapy. In addition, ROTC programs are available to the students at the University of Vermont. While tuition rates for U of V are very expensive, this university offers an excellent student retention rate.

Johnson State College (Johnson) Johnson State offers two majors for students in occupational therapy. In addition, students are able to complete courses and receive an Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's degree in OT. The student population is about 1,900 and while affordable housing options are available, on campus -- the tuition rates are considered moderately expensive.

College of Saint Joseph (Rutland) CSJ offers Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Occupational Therapy. This campus is considered to be very safe and has a student body of approximately 400 students. The College of Saint Joseph also features moderately expensive tuition, as well. Whether you are choosing to be an OT in Vermont as a means of ensuring your financial future or because of the excellent programs in the state or for other reasons, you are guaranteed to find a rewarding career in occupational therapy in Vermont.