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Choosing the Right Massage Therapy Programs in Maine

Perhaps you already know that you want to get into a career in massage therapy, but maybe you're unsure of where to go from there. It's difficult to know how to choose the right massage therapy (MT) program(s). However, in the following information, we will explain the process of choosing the right MT program for you in your state of residence, Maine.

Steps to Choosing the Right MT Program in Maine

1. Determine what you would like to do with your MT training.

The most important factor in deciding which massage therapy program to use in Maine is figuring out what you would like to accomplish with your training. Are you interested in offering your services as an MT for therapeutic reasons, relaxation purposes or to assist with certain medical conditions? Would you prefer to work alone or with a team? Would you like to work with athletes, medical patients or have a variety of clientele (the general population)?

2. Review various massage therapy techniques and philosophies.

There are a variety of different types of massage philosophies and techniques. Therefore, it's a good idea to review as many different types of massage, as you can prior to selecting a school or MT program in Maine. If you determine that you prefer one philosophy to the others or you would like to learn a particular technique -- research the schools/programs that offer these particulars in your area to find out what your options are. Some of the popular techniques and philosophies include Acupuncture, Reiki, Rolfing, and Swedish massage, Deep Muscle massage, Shiatsu and Deep Tissue massage.

3. Research schools in the area

When you have narrowed down your focus, you can start the process of reviewing massage schools and programs in the area where you live in Maine. When you have located your options, contact each school to request a school catalogue and any other enrollment-related material including, the prices and requirements for the programs that are available at each school. It's also important to determine, at this point, whether your choice schools offer programs that meet the regulations required by the Maine Massage Therapy state board.

Important: In order to be eligible to take the licensing exam, students need to provide proof of 500 credit hours in MT-related coursework. Contact the Maine Massage Therapy's Department of Professional and Financial Regulation for more information and specific regulations in your local area.

4. Visit your top schools

This is the perfect chance to feel the "vibe" at each of your choice schools, in order to narrow your selection even further. Take a tour of each school and take time to examine the training facilities and classrooms. Speak with the faculty, as well as, the students and remember to ask questions about their experiences. Pay attention to how professionally you are treated, how comfortable you feel in the school environment and whether the school is properly managed (Is it clean? Do the classrooms and the campus appear organized?).

5. Examine the costs

The cost to attend a massage therapy school is dependent on the institution you choose and your personal career goals. Many MT programs in Maine require 600 to 900 hours. Therefore, average costs for MT programs in Maine through an accredited program would be anywhere between $6,000 and $9,000.