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How much does a Massage Therapist make in California

Massage therapy can be a miracle treatment for many who suffer from pain, tension, anxiety/stress or depression. Not only is massage therapy known to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy, but also office workers who were treated with regular massage were less stressed, more alert and performed better than those who were not.

Therefore, between the hard-working professionals, pregnant mothers, injured athletes or stunt people, or really, anyone with health problems -- massage therapy is in high demand in California.

It's not difficult to see that the need for massage therapists in California is great. However, those who are considering entering the field in the Golden State may wonder, "What is the potential salary one could make by becoming a massage therapist in California?"

Average Salary for MTs in California

If you are considering a career in the field of massage therapy, and you live in California -- you may be comforted to know that MTs in the state make well above the national average. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average for massage therapists is around $38,660 while, MTs in California earn an average annual income of $42,530.

Second Highest Paying City for MTs in US- Chico, CA Additionally, the city of Chico, California is ranked the second highest paying city in the U.S. for careers related to massage therapy. In Chico, CA, massage therapists can earn a reported annual wage of approximately $76,980.

Annual MT Salary in California by City (Ranked highest to lowest)

  • Palo Alto $68,000
  • San Francisco $66,000
  • San Jose $66,000
  • Oakland $65,000
  • Santa Cruz $64,000
  • Santa Monica $58,000
  • Redondo Beach $57,000
  • Beverly Hills $57,000
  • Burbank $57,000
  • Los Angeles $57,000
  • Hollywood $56,000
  • Pasadena $56,000
  • Monterey $54,000
  • Newport Beach $54,000
  • Carmel $53,000
  • Laguna Beach $53,000
  • Sacramento $53,000
  • Anaheim $52,000
  • Palm Springs $52,000
  • Fresno $51,000
  • San Diego $51,000
  • Santa Barbara $49,000

(Source: Indeed.com 2011)

Types of Massage Certifications in California

For each level of massage therapy practice, there are different levels of pay and various jobs associated with each title, as well. In the state of California, there are two levels of massage therapy:

  1. Certified Massage Practitioner
  2. Certified Massage Therapist

According to Indeed.com, the average salary for a Certified Massage Practitioner for the state of California is around $42,000 while, the average annual income for a Certified Massage Therapist living in California is about $68,000. The difference in pay is due to the fact that Certified Massage Therapists typically, undergo more training than a Certified Massage Practitioner and therefore, the job responsibilities are greater and the pay scale is higher, as well.

While it may be true, at times -- life in California is not all sunshine, beaches, excitement and culture -- many people need help from a licensed massage therapist to relieve pain, tension, stress or depression. If you believe that becoming a Massage Therapist is your calling, get started today in a career you are sure to love because a career in massage therapy in California can be fulfilling and profitable.