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Steps to get started in Massage Therapy in Alaska

You will find information below on different requirements, education, and licensing within Arizona. Training to become a massage therapist in Arizona can be a very rewarding and eventually a profitable career. Below are steps and Requirements to become a Massage Therapist.

Arizona Requirements
In the state of Arizona, massage therapists are required to receive a state license in order to practice within the state. Below, is a list of the steps one must take in order to obtain their license to practice massage therapy in the state of Arizona.

Massage therapists in AZ must complete the following:

*Education – Finish minimum amount of hours attending a board-recognized school
*Exam - National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB)
*CEU - Minimum 20 hours biennially

The NCETM is based on the following material:

*General knowledge of body systems
*Detailed knowledge *Pathology
*Therapeutic massage assessment
*Therapeutic massage application
*Professional standards, ethics business and legal practices

Eligibility requirements:

Taking the test requires prior completion of 500 hours of supervised instructions and graduation from an accredited school.

For more information on the requirements, visit the Arizona State Massage Board at http://www.massageboard.az.gov .

Arizona residents or those wishing to receive their certification in Arizona should select their preferred degree program. The options are as follows, Associates degree, Bachelor's degree, Masters degree or PhD in Massage Therapy. The amount of time it takes to complete a therapy degree in Arizona is based on the level of degree they are pursuing and the student's pace. However, in Arizona massage therapy training at each level takes approximately:

*Certification Programs – usually six months to one year.
*Associates Degree
*Bachelor Degree
*Masters Degree
*Doctoral Degree

While much of massage therapy training is 'hands-on', there are several courses a massage therapy student may expect including:

*Assessment course - Students will learn how to accurately assess a client's ailment or condition.
*Ethics course - This course provides knowledge about what is ethical and what is not in the field of massage therapy, as well as, information about how to handle certain unethical situations.
*Physiology course - In this course, students will learn about the body and body systems.
*Massage Techniques and Practice - This course teaches students what they need to know in order to perform as a massage therapist.
*Massage History and Theory course - MT students are taught about the history of massage and will learn about massage theory and what massage therapy was created to do.

Certified massage therapists in the state of Arizona have numerous employment options, as soon as they receive their license. Popular massage therapy jobs in Arizona include working as a massage therapist in a private practice setting, working as a massage therapist employee in a spa or salon, working as a physical therapy assistant in a physical therapy office/sports rehab center or becoming a massage instructor who teaches the art of massage.

Regardless of the type of massage therapy job, Arizona massage therapists can make $40,330 per year, according to Job-Hunt.org. In fact, the national average for licensed massage therapists is $19.38 per hour. Therefore, becoming a massage therapist in Arizona can not only be emotionally and spiritually rewarding, but a career in this field can also be very financially rewarding, as well.