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What is a career in Massage Therapy like in Alabama

Massage therapy careers are becoming increasingly popular in states like, Alabama. Alabama residents are known to be amongst the hard working labor forces. (many, working in industrial or physically strenuous work environments) and therefore, they need therapeutic relaxation like, a professional massage can provide. As a result of the demand and the need for massage therapist in Alabama, more and more Alabama residents are deciding to obtain a career in massage therapy.

Becoming a Massage Therapist in Alabama.

Massage Therapy in Alabama: Career Facts
Alabama is a great place to live and it's even better for those entering or already involved in the massage therapy field. Nicknamed after it's state bird -- Alabama is known as, The Yellowhammer State. Massage therapists in the Yellowhammer State may work in a variety of settings including a spa, salon or alongside other health care professionals in a medical setting to ensure the overall health of the patient.

Day in the Life: Massage Therapist in Alabama
A career in massage therapy can be enjoyable and very rewarding in the state of Alabama. Massage therapists in Alabama typically, have clientele with various ailments that require deep tissue massage. Massage therapy is known to cure stress and also relieve physical ailments, as well.

A typical day for a massage therapist in Alabama may consist of treating patients for such conditions as, migraines, chronic muscle tension, and poor blood circulation or to lessen the effects of anxiety and/or depression. As they work, he or she is helping to relieve the client's stress, and providing the client with multiple physical benefits, as well.

Massage therapy offers many advantages to those who receive them from strengthening the immune system to enhancing a person's ability to think calmly and creatively. Therefore, massage therapists in Alabama; typically find that they enjoy their job as it can be very rewarding both, emotionally andfinancially.

Massage Therapy Salary in Alabama

A massage therapy career in Alabama can be very lucrative. Here are the facts you need to know:
According to Indeed.com, $63,000 is the average annual income for massage therapists in the state of Alabama. While the national yearly income for massage therapists is only $53,000. Therefore, Alabama massage therapists can make at least $10,000 more per year than the national average, which is an impressive advantage.

MT Salary in Alabama:
By city Read the chart below for more Alabama MT salary information - based on annual salaries in select cities in Alabama (Source: Indeed.com).

*Auburn $56,000/yr.
*Birmingham $53,000/yr.
*Huntsville $65,000/yr.
*Gulf Shores $52,000/yr.
*Mobile $53,000/yr.
*Montgomery $55,000/yr.

A massage therapy salary in Alabama is very competitive, regardless of where an MT works in the state. Even more good news: Massage therapy salaries in Alabama are expected to continue to increase, even more, at least until 2016.

If you are interested in starting a career, whether you live in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville or elsewhere within the state, it makes perfect sense to become a massage therapist in Alabama.