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Massage Therapist Training Programs

In order to work as a massage therapist in most states, individuals will need a license granted from an accredited school or program. Even if there are no requirements for practicing massage therapy in one’s state, it can be incredibly difficult to find a job without the right training or to know what to do with that job without the correct training. This is why it is so important for individuals to take control of their education and of their careers by getting the best possible education.

Massage Therapy Classes:

Massage therapy classes make up the core of any good and accredited massage therapy program or school. These will usually involve anywhere Training class for massagefrom 500 to 1000 hours of in class supervised activity, most of it hands on.

In addition to actually practicing the art of massage, individuals will be required to study anatomy, physiology, massage therapy in general, and if they so desire, specializations within the field. The best programs will be those that are very well rounded and that offer the student a deeper understanding of the art of massage therapy as a whole and of the different types of practice.

After training, many people will go on to become nationally licensed. This involves passing an examination and meeting certain other requirements. The best massage therapy programs will prepare all individuals to make this next step if they so desire. Becoming nationally licensed is a great way to gain credibility, to be able to continue one’s practice if he or she moves to another US state, and to increase one’s salary.

Massage Therapy Internships:

While most programs do not require actual internships as part of the licensing program, these can be a great way for newcomers to the field to gain experience outside of the classroom. Many schools will be able to point their students in the direction of various massage therapy internships, but it is also possible to find them online or to ask places of business directly if they are in need of any interns. Often times, if one does the internship well, this can turn into a job itself.
Most internships will be unpaid, though those with high levels of training may be able to find paid internships. If one is unable to find an internship, however, he or she should not worry, as these are not a requirement. Many massage therapists will be able to find jobs right out of school, providing that the school they attended was licensed, accredited, and well thought of in the general area. With some schools, almost every student who graduates is immediately employed due to the high reputation of the program. It is important for individuals to understand the reputation of their particular program and how it will affect them personally.

Above all, however, getting the right training should not be about impressing others or getting a great job. One should get the right training, so that he or she can do the job correctly and well.