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Average Income of a Massage Therapist

There are many things to consider when calculating the “average” massage therapist salary in the United States. These include the environment and location in which one works, whether the individual works full or part time, and the type of training he or she possesses. With all of these differing factors taken into consideration, the “average” salary is currently about $34,900 per year. However, this is a very subjective rate with many massage therapists making much more than this amount.

One must remember that massage therapists do not work the typical 40 hour a week work week. Instead, they work an average of about 15 hours per week, depending on location and whether or not any other requirements are asked of them. Therefore, massage therapists make quite a lot ofMasseuse Pay money for fewer hours of work than most people. This frees them up to do other jobs, to take on outside massage therapy work, or even to build their own practices while still living quite comfortably. It is important, however, that individuals understand the different things that can have an effect on their salaries.

Factors That Affect Salary:

Individuals who are interested in increasing their salaries should know that probably the most important factor that affects salary is the environment in which one works. Those individuals who work in private practices or in private companies will generally make anywhere from $11.50 to $30.00 per hour, while those who are self employed can make $31.00 to $67.00 per hour, on average. This is, obviously, a very big difference. Of course, independent workers have their own challenges to face such as creating and maintaining a client base, so this option might not be for everyone. Other places that tend to pay higher salaries include hospitals, fancy or esteemed medical spas, and doctor’s offices.

It is possible, however, to make a large salary no matter where one works, providing that one has the necessary experience or education to do so. Graduating from a very esteemed and difficult to get into or complete massage therapy program is an excellent way to show employers that a massage therapist is qualified, reliable, and deserves to be paid well. Having years of verifiable experience is another great way for individuals to increase their salaries. This is especially true if the individual can provide impressive references from different individuals whom he or she has worked with.

Massage therapists will also want to work in areas that have a high demand for massage therapists or in neighborhoods where getting massages is a common practice. Obviously, smaller towns will have less of a demand for this type of work than big cities. Planning out one’s schooling and location carefully can dramatically increase salary, so these are obviously not decisions that should be taken lightly.

Fortunately, both the demand for and the salary of massage therapists is rapidly increasing in the United States. Now is a great time to enter into the field, but individuals should be sure that they do so in the right manner.