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Marital Therapist

Marital therapy is a specialty that has been growing and makes up about 4% of the overall counseling field according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Marital therapy explores the various solutions to producing a marriage that will flourish.

What is Marital Therapy?

Marital therapist are also called; marriage and family counselors (MFC) or marriage counselors. Marriage and Family Counselors deal with the intercommunications between the couple and with the interactions that the couple has with their child(ren). Marital therapist are counselors who are marraige counselingskilled in assisting couples in overcoming their differences and coming to a place of reconciliation. Marriage counselors need to understand what makes a marriage successful and be interested in finding solutions to making their patients’ marriage work.

Marital therapists will deal with the relationships issues such as; emotional abuse, different forms of neglect, substance abuse, infidelity issues, finances, infertility, and the lack of intimacy in the relationship. These issues are dealt with in a manner that doesn’t focus on separatism but from a unified position. MFC’s differ from individual therapists in their primary goals to bring marital unity and not just self discovery. Marital therapists can assist in restoring marriages by assisting couples in identifying root communication issues in their relationship that can destroy the marriage completely.

What are the Goals of Marital Therapy?

Marital therapy is more successful when the couple both agree that there are issues that need to be confronted and dealt with. When one person is struggling with an issue the counseling session can provide the safe environment for the problem or conflict to be resolved. Marriage and Family counselors provide a safe place for sensitive subject matters to be shared. The goals of all types of marital therapy styles is to; end communication difficulties, repair the marital relationship; and strengthen the marriage.

A marital therapist works on ending communication difficulties through bringing a better understanding of how to communicate effectively. This opens up the couple to make decisions to trust each other. They are able to demonstrate their trustworthiness through honesty when communicating with one another. The therapist will center the sessions on creating an atmosphere where each person can share uninterrupted and have the opportunity to vent.

To repair a marriage takes a great deal of time and energy from both individuals in the marriage. A marital therapist will work with the couple to redevelop a deep trust and bond that has been broken from numerous offenses. Re-building trust takes commitment. To strengthen a relationship, a marital therapist will act as a mediator. The therapist will encourage each person to share their inner emotions and feelings with one another. As the couple works through their feelings it will build a new level of communication and trust.

Where can you find a Marital Therapist?

Marital therapy doesn’t exist just in a certain community or culture group but it is a type of therapy that is available in all communities. Marriage therapy is considered a part of the mental health industry and is offered in various types of places such as; private practices, social service agencies, non–profit agencies, and religious organizations.

Marital issues are a major societal concern as several recent studies show that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Marital therapy is needed for people in every social class due to the rising number of relationships that aren’t working. Finding the right marital therapist can be time consuming but worth the rigorous process in order to find a qualified therapist.