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Utah Group Therapy Certification

Getting certification to become a group therapist in the state of Utah involves many years of training in undergraduate as well as graduate school in addition to completing many hours of clinical experience.  These steps are necessary in order to ensure that the practitioner knows all of the necessary techniques and procedures in order to successfully aid others in solving their social and emotional problems through therapy.  If you are planning on becoming a group therapist then it may be important to you to know what steps you can take to help you reach your goals.  In regards to this there are many resources that you can use as well as activities that you can perform in your undergraduate and graduate careers in order to get the most out of your educational experience and become a top provider in the field of group therapy.  One thing that you can do would be to research various internship and volunteer opportunities while you are at the undergraduate level in order to successfully get into grad school.  You can volunteer or apply for internships at a variety of mental health facilities in order to gain some experience in the field.  In terms of volunteer opportunities, though these offer no pay they can still make the difference between getting into a graduate school of your choosing or not because of the experience they offer.  You can volunteer in any number of places and shadow a practitioner in order to find out exactly what duties group therapists perform on a daily basis.  The fact that you took the initiative to do this will show prospective graduate schools that you are serious about enrolling in their group therapy degree program.

As going to undergraduate school is one of the first steps in becoming certified to practice in the field it is necessary that you do a fair amount of research to make sure that you choose the right school for you.  When thinking about enrolling into a college it is important to note if they offer the courses that you need in order to move up to the next level after graduating with your BA in psychology or another applicable major.  If you stumble upon a school that does offer the classes you need it is a good idea to check their certification first before proceeding with the application process. As attending an accredited school is also necessary for certification to practice this is an important aspect of getting your education.   While you are going through your undergraduate training it may be important to you to start searching for opportunities to further this education through taking up internships with mental health facilities but even if you do not do this you will have to show graduate schools that you have some form of experience in the field you plan on studying in to get accepted in many cases.  If you are currently in school and going through your junior year this is the time to really get into motion with preparing for graduate school.  During this time you may want to think about taking the GRE test and getting a good score in order to move up to the next level of your training.

In addition to going to undergraduate school, graduate school is the next step in your certification process.  As many states require that you get a master’s in group therapy to even apply for certification it is important to do your best to get into graduate school and then to try your hardest while you are there.  Master’s degree programs in this field require that students do a number of clinical trial hours in order to get the hands on experience that they need to ensure that practitioners know what duties they need to perform.  In addition to this, after you graduate from your master’s or doctorate program you must continue to get the experience necessary to pass the certification exam through clinical trials.  Though the training process may seem excessive to a great number of people that research this line of work, it is necessary to ensure that every patient is treated in a correct and adequate manner during group therapy sessions.