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Requirements to become a Group Therapist in New Jersey

To become a group therapist it there are a variety of requirements that include going to graduate school to pursue your master’s degree in the field of clinical psychology as well as completing many hours of clinical trials while you are at this level of schooling.  As there are various types of therapy careers in the US and this type of position is on the rise in many parts of the country, studying clinical psychology can be a major benefit to your lifestyle after becoming certified.  In addition many group therapists and other types of therapists make a good living off of the type of work they do with many raking in at least 40-50,000 dollars a year for an average starting salary.  This is also very rewarding work as group therapists work with a variety of different people that have issues in many areas of their lives.  These issues can include emotional issues as well as cognitive ones.  This means that becoming a therapist in the state of New Jersey can take many years of training in order to learn the various techniques and disorders that are present with people in our society. Though the minimum requirement for those who want to work as a therapist includes getting a master’s degree you may also want to pursue your doctorate degree as well in order to increase job opportunities and the potential salary you could earn.  Many people who desire to work in this field get a doctorate degree in clinical psychology so that they can work in research as well as practice in mental health settings in order to improve the mental states of the people they work with. 

Group therapy training usually begins with a person makes the decision to enroll in an undergraduate degree program studying psychology.  During this stage of your career in school you may want to take courses that are geared toward learning various practices in clinical psychology in order to increase your chances of getting into a quality graduate school in this discipline.  In addition to this it may also be important to research your schools resources for various other opportunities that can increase your chances of getting into this graduate degree program.  Some opportunities that are offered in a typical 4 year university that offers psychology courses are research as well as some internship.  You can also get job experience from any outside mental health facility that offers group therapy.  This job experience will not only look good on your resume for grad school but also give you the opportunity to see what it is like being a group therapist, which is important to deciding if you want to pursue your education in this field to the maximum potential.  In addition the research opportunities that you take during your undergraduate degree career can give you experience with your specific discipline as well.

In addition to going to undergraduate school, getting a graduate degree is even more important as you have to have at least Master’s in order to practice many types of therapies in the US.  In order to get into graduate school you will have to not only presented a comprehensive portfolio showing your desire to study and work in the field but also a good GRE score.  After enrolling into graduate school you will be required to take more specialized classes than at the undergraduate level which will prepare you for your future career.  In order to get certified in the field many states require that you also complete a licensing exam in addition to having many hours of clinical experience.  Though this may seem like a lot of work, becoming a group therapist can be a very rewarding job for many who pursue it.