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Day in the Life of a Group Therapist in Michigan

Michigan like many states has options when it comes to career choices in the group therapy area.  You will find that there are so many types of jobs available that it is hard to pinpoint exactly what a day is like. Therapy in itself comes in many different forms. This can mean that you are working with different types of clients on a daily basis.

Your day will likely involve running at least one group session. This experience will likely be different each time. Sometimes you will find that there are new members, or people have left. This will alter the group as the whole.  Your group session can last different amounts of times; this can include doing group events, as well as you leading the decision around the topic your group meets on. There are often groups that are focused on a particular problem. For instance, substance abuse residential programs often have group therapy sessions. This helps to offer their clients a support system.

Another thing that you can be sure that you will have to do during your daily life as a group therapist is paperwork. Paperwork is an unfortunate constant in the world of therapy. It’s important because you will need to use this to keep track of your different clients. You will often spend time transcribing the notes you take by hand during your sessions. This can be a good portion of your day.

Something else you can find that comes up in the day of a group therapist in Michigan is working on research. You will find that therapy is a wide and ever changing world. Part of being a good therapist is making sure that you are staying as up to date as possible on the types of research that is being done. This can include things like reading the field journals, or just researching different therapy processes that might help the groups you work with on a regular basis.

Another thing that often happens on a daily basis is staff meetings. This will mean that you and the other people that you work with will meet to talk over any issues, and you will likely have things to tell your supervisors. There are many different types of jobs that you will find in the group therapy field. You could find yourself working with government facilities where part of your daily process might be working with one or two groups and spending the rest of the day filing logs for their individual therapists. This can be common daily event for those working in a mental health institution, or a residential program. This helps to keep the communication level between the group therapist and the individual therapists up to date on any issues that are surfacing in a group area that might not show during their individual time.  

Coming up with a plan can be a big part of your day. This is another major part of the time you will spend during your day. You’ll be going over the notes and things you have taken for your group and you will have to sit down and come back with a plan that will help you to get your group going the way you want them to go, in the direction that will best help them to overcome their issues.

As you can see there are many things that you will have to do during a day as a group therapist, and they can change on a daily basis. You may not always have to do research, and other days you may do nothing but research. One of the interesting things about working as a group therapist is that you will constantly have a changing world.

These will also depend on the type of career path you have chosen with your group therapy. They can vary by the place that you work. You may have to file more reports if you are working with a government facilities than you do at a private practice. You may have more meetings at a correctional facility than you do working at a doctor’s office. Therefore, the day in the life of a group therapist in Michigan depends on what that therapist is working on at that moment.