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Things to Consider when Becoming a Group Therapist in Indiana

If you are interested in becoming a therapist in Indiana there are many things you will want to take into consideration.  Indiana has specific requirements that you will have to accomplish before you can call yourself a group therapist. This means that you will have to work to meet educational training as well as their state requirements, which can include exams and supervised training. There are many important things to consider, but the first you will want to think about is the level of degree you are required to have. In Indiana this is at the minimum a master’s degree, you will also be allowed to use a doctoral degree if that is what you have archived. This degree will have to be closely related to the therapy field, though there are many different choices like that.

The first thing that you will have to do is to make sure that you get a proper education. This means you completing your bachelor’s degree and then your master’s degree. You will want to also double check to ensure that wherever you want to go to school is accepted and accredited by the state. If it isn’t you could find your education not being useful for your training at all.

The next step in training is to make sure that you are making all the requirements that you have to meet for the state. This will include things like a specific amount of practice hours. These practice hours have to be done within a two-year period, as well as being supervised by someone who has been practicing in the field. Make sure when picking your supervisor that you are working with someone who the state will accept, sometimes they are required to practice for a specific length of time.

Another important thing to consider is if you are paining at some point to move. Each state has their own requirements when it comes to being a therapist. Just because you have met the requirements in Indiana may not meant that you have met the requirements in another state. Therefore, if you plan to move, make sure while you are training that you do the research for the state that you plan to move to as well. This will help prevent you from having to do more training once you are settled in a new place.

Once you have met all the requirements you can take your exam and apply for your license. When your license is approved, you can begin looking for work within the counseling world.

You will also want to consider what portion of the industry that you want to work in. There are many different positions that can be open for someone with the proper license. Group therapists are often employed by many different institutions, including schools. This can be in both the government sector as well as the private sector. You can find that therapists are required at schools from elementary schools and high schools to colleges and universities. Group therapists will be helpful in these areas, as they can provide students with informational sessions and lead groups.

Correctional facilities including juvenile halls can often employ group therapists. Therapy is important in the correctional system; it can help to rehabilitate the criminals. Group therapy is common in both of the situations it can help to bring out problems that might not be seen in individual sessions, it also helps to have them interact with one another. 

Another option that you have when you are working as a group therapist is working in a private office. These can be groups of therapists, as well as things like a private doctor’s office. Group therapy is a common thing to have held at a private practice. This helps to bring people together and realize that they are not alone in their problems. You could find yourself leading a group therapy session with those who have like problems, or just need social interaction.

There are many ways you can train and work within this career, and there are many more things that you will want to consider, but these are a few examples.