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What is the Schooling Like to Become a Group Therapist in Colorado?

A group therapist in Colorado must undergo similar training to the rest of the nation.  However, each individual state has different requirements when it comes to getting your license. This is a profession that requires a large amount of study, and training, and you will spend around 6 years at least working to getting the education you need.

One of the first requirements that you will need to work on is getting your bachelors degree. This degree will help you move on to getting your Master’s degree. This is what you will have to acquire before you get your license.

You have many ways to get your bachelors, you can start at many different levels, and you can start at the community college level, state college level, and private college level or in some cases the online school level. This is important; you will need to make sure you also know where you plan to transfer once you have your bachelors. Different postgraduate schools have different levels of entrance requirements. You can work with the education councilor at your school of choice, and they can help you to understand what you need to do to meet your goals. They will help you to select classes, and other things that you need regarding your educational planning.

Once you have your bachelor’s degree you can work on getting your Masters degree. In the state of Colorado, you are required to have your Master’s degree at minimum before you can work in the world of counseling. A group therapist is a form of councilor, which specializes in running different groups. These groups can include things like substance abuse support, youth counseling groups, correctional facility group counseling, and more.

The state still requires that you will meet many more standards before you are allowed to practice. Some of the things this can include are, clinical hours. Most of the states require that you meet a certain level of hours practicing before you can become a licensure; this means that you will have supervised practice time. Your supervisor will be someone who has been practicing for a required amount of time. This can be within the area that you want to work with or not. You will also have to take the national and any state tests that are required. Once you have met the requirements that the state demands you can file for your license.

Keep in mind that if you are planning on moving the states each have different levels of requirements that you must meet before you are allowed your license, so just because you are licensed in Colorado does not mean you will be able to practice in another state.  So if you plan on moving you can look into your future states requirements, and ensure that you are meeting those while you study as well.

As you can see the training in Colorado is extensive to be a group therapist, however, you will have many options once you complete your training. You can begin your job search once you have your license.
There is no guarantee of a job, in anything you choose to do, however there are many opportunities and areas you can work in as a group therapist. Including the education system, the government, on both the federal and state levels, you can work with different private practices either with other people in your industry, or often doctors’ offices and hospitals will employ a group therapist to help with family issues.