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How Much does a Group Therapist Make in California?

A group therapist is a type of counselor. They undergo serious amounts of education before they are able to practice.  This includes them acquiring both their bachelor’s degree and their master’s degree. Aside from that, they are required to pass different state exams, national exams, as well as producing enough clinical hours to get their license.  This education and training can take many years to complete, in excess of six, usually.  They are however among the nobler of professions working hard to help people in their most troublesome times.

Earnings for this job can depend on which area you are working in. Nationally, according to the bureau of labor and statistics the earnings are as follows.  As of may 2008, the median annual wage of those working within the school system, in one form or another was 51,050. These jobs could include things like elementary schools, colleges, universities, vocational, and other school related family services.

The national median wage for those working under the heading of substance abuse and behavioral disorders was 37,030; there are many areas which fall under this heading, including things like outpatient care centers, local government, general medical, residential and mental health substance facilities and more. In this category the highest ten percent earned 59,460 or more.

The national median wage for those working as mental health counselors was 36,810, this includes things like local government jobs, outpatient care centers individual and family services, and the offices of other types of health care practitioners. Their highest ten percent earned above 63,100.

In the state of California, those working within the mental health counselor category earned a median hourly wage of 18.34, or an annual wage of a median of 38,150. The jobs that can fall under this type of category can include working in the individual and family services sector, outpatients care centers, residential centers, for either substance abuse, mental health, or mental retardation, local government positions, or working at the office of another health care provider. The highest mean wage among these types of positions was with local government.

As you can see, there is no exact answer to the question of what one will earn. There are so many different choices when it comes to the positions you can work with that your pay will work differently in each area. It is one of the benefits of working in this type of job; you have many choices when it comes to where you want to work. If you are interested there are many government facilities that can offer employment for someone with a license as a group therapist, this can include things like correctional facilities, and institutions, though this may not be for everyone. Others might prefer to work with only those in their field; there are often offices where you can work with only other councilors. Standard doctors’ offices often also employ an on staff counselor to help with their clients.

You will have many doors open when it comes to getting the right kind of job in California, however your earnings will be very dependent upon the type of position you choose. These statistics are just a starting point. By doing more research into the particular field you wan to work in you can find out more about the averages you may be able to earn.

California however is among the top states with employment in this profession, the amount of employment per thousand jobs is 0.60 and the total employment rate as of 2008, according to the bureau of labor and statistics was 8,450. The only state with a higher employment rate for counselors was the state of Pennsylvania.