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Wisconsin Family Therapy Programs

In Wisconsin there are a variety of family therapy programs that you can research in order to get started on the path of being a professional in this field. Positions in this field are very popular options among those who are interested in the principles of psychology and helping others to deal with their emotional issues. There are more than 45,000 jobs in this field all across the United States and there are more arising every year so the job outlook is very good. If you are a person that is interested in family therapy then it is necessary to realize that the process that is involved in getting a license to practice is not an easy one. It is also not a quick process as it takes at least four years of undergraduate studying in a bachelor's degree program and about four more years in order to get a master's degree in the discipline of marriage and family counseling. In addition to this you must go through 3000 hours of supervised clinical trials. To many these requirements may seem very tough to meet but they are necessary to ensure that therapists are properly trained in the field. These requirements can be met but it may be easier to meet them if you have a strong desire to be successful as a marriage and family counselor. Having the drive to work in this field is often necessary to propel you through the many hours of study ahead.

Marriage and family counselors can work in a variety of settings after completing the necessary training and obtaining a license in the field.  These places may include hospitals, social service agencies and government agencies among other things but many choose to practice as specialists in private clinics.  Though the job may give a person a sense of fulfillment in any setting, the salary involved when a professional in this field works at a private clinic can be significantly more substantial then when working at other places.  As with any job the salary that you get as a family counselor may depend on what area of Wisconsin you live in as well as how well you do in terms of your training.  Pursuing a doctorate in the field as opposed to a master’s can also be a big help where salary is concerned.

When it comes to pursuing your undergrad degree one of the most preferred degrees to hold in terms of increasing your chances of getting into graduate school is a BA in psychology.  Though you can hold another type of degree and still get into graduate school, getting a BA in psychology may best prepare you for the course load that is to come in graduate school. Other comparable degree programs may include social work or sociology as well.  While in your undergraduate stage of training you may also want to increase your chances at getting into a good graduate school by looking at various internship opportunities as well as research opportunities with professionals in order to get experience in the field.  Having this type of experience can really help when it comes to sending in a graduate school application and getting accepted into the marriage and family counseling degree program.  Once you graduate from your undergraduate program the work that you must complete in graduate school is the next step in the certification process and this can be a grueling one. 

One of the final steps to getting your training as a family therapist is to go through supervised clinical trials to gain experience with working as a therapist.  This process can be tough for those who are unsure about what to expect so it is important to do as much as you can before this point to get experience with the therapy process.  The clinical trials that you complete are designed to help you to learn how to apply psychological principles toward helping patients and also to help you gain the knowledge you need to pass the licensure exam, which is the next step in the process.   Once you finish your clinical requirements and go on to pass the state recognized exam then you can go on to a successful career in marriage and family counseling.