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Step by step process of becoming a Family Therapist in West Virginia

Family therapy is a field that many people go into in order to help others with issues that are most often emotional in nature and that might arise between family members, including between spouses.  If you are interested in being a family therapist (or marriage and family counselor as they are professionally called) there are a few steps that you must go through in order to be licensed in the field and practice in a clinical setting. These steps include things such as obtaining at least a master’s degree from an accredited university and completing a number of hours of clinical experience after graduation.   Though the road to becoming a family therapist may be tough it is often seen as a rewarding experience for those who make it through the rigorous training steps.  This field can be beneficial for those who have a passion for learning about psychology and in addition to this there is often a good salary to be had for graduates who go on to get licensed. Marriage and family counselors can also work in a variety of settings which increases the chances that many have of getting a position when they graduate.  Places that people in this field work include hospitals, clinics and social service agencies but many people may also teach in schools after pursuing their master’s or doctorate degrees.

When it comes to becoming a marriage and family counselor one of the first steps that are associated with this process is enrolling into a bachelor’s degree program at a university of your choice and one of the most important aspects of enrolling into a university is its accreditation.  Going to an accredited school is a must for being successful in this field when going to both undergraduate and graduate school.  In addition to this it may be important to decide whether to go to a school online or offline.  While going to school online can be a good choice for those who have priorities other than school to think about, going to school on campus can open the gates to many opportunities that may be more difficult to obtain at an online university.  One important opportunity that is more accessible on campus is the opportunity to make better connections with peers and professors in order to ensure that you put yourself in a position to get a good job upon graduation.  The career fairs and internship opportunities that are available on a university campus can help you to make the connections that you need to be successful in the field by gaining experience.  The experience you gain from an internship is often necessary in order to get into a good grad school.

In addition to enrolling in an accredited university, the degree program that you choose is also something that you may want to seriously think about.  Many who want to pursue the career of family therapy enroll in a psychology degree program but this is not the only option you have.  Many other degree programs, such as social work, may be able to get you into a graduate school that offers a marriage and family counseling program.  Whatever degree program you choose it is important to consider if the classes offered in the degree program match what the graduate school requires in order to get into the graduate degree program you need to. 

After graduating from your undergraduate and graduate degree programs the next step in the process will be to go through many hours of supervised clinical work in order to gain even more experience with working in the field.  The clinical work that you do during this step in the process is important for your future job as well as for the exam that you will need to take in order to get a license in the field.  During these clinical trials a prospective employee will work with a professional in the field who will help to embed the psychological principles and work procedures that you need to be successful as a therapist.  In regards to this, it is a necessary step towards helping you to feel comfortable and confident with your duties when working on your own as a practitioner.