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Virginia Family Therapy Salaries

Marriage and family counselors work with individuals and family units that have issues that include: marital issues, personal and interpersonal issues.  The job of a family therapist can be very rewarding to those who are attempting to pursue it because of the great help that these professionals give to others and also because of the great influence that they have on people’s lives.  If you are trying to be a family therapist it can be a tough thing to accomplish especially if you do not have the passion for psychology or helping with emotional issues that many people that work in this field have.  In addition to this becoming a family therapist can also be tough if you are not willing to put in the large amount of work (both school and professional) work that it takes in order to succeed in the field.  In regards to this it is important to know that it is required for a person who works in this career to have at least a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling in order to practice.  It also takes a heavy amount of experience through many hours of supervised trials in the field as well as a passing grade on a state recognized exam but if you have a passion for learning and for psychological principles then the road to becoming a family therapist should not be a difficult one for you to embark on.

In addition to the benefit of helping others to deal with their issues and to turn their lives in the right direction the job of a marriage and family counselor often offers a good salary that can be up to $30,000 starting off for many licensed professional.  Though this number can vary by area in the state of Virginia many professionals in the field can take home this kind of salary when working in the right place.  There are a variety of establishments that family therapists can work in that include: hospitals, clinics, social service buildings, and schools.  In regards to this it is the private clinics that often pay family therapists the most in terms of salary and benefits.  Many workers in this field may even open up their own practices and make even more but often the highest paid workers practice in private clinics as specialists in the field.  For example a practitioner may only want to work with married couples and do marriage counseling for a private practice.  Becoming a specialist can be a good thing for those who want to be successful in the field because it offers the chance for a practitioner to become very good at the kind of counseling they enjoy. 

When it comes to salary there are a few things that may affect how much you earn from any place that you decide to apply to after becoming certified in the field including your experience and how good you do in your undergraduate and graduate studies.  In addition to this the licensure exam and the supervised clinical trials that you go through may also play a major factor on what you earn in the long run.  Many people that have gone through the necessary steps to get their license and practice in the field may be disappointed at how much they are eligible to earn because they did not do their best in school or because had problems with the clinical trials they had to go through.  In regards to this it is very important to pursue your goal in any situation with a degree of determination.  While in school take all of the opportunities that you can to gain experience in the field and also to learn as much as possible about the techniques used in the field.  A good idea for many undergraduate students may be to seek internship opportunities as well as research opportunities.  On an application for graduate school research and work experience could land you a spot in the marriage and family graduate degree program without too much of a hassle and in addition to this these opportunities help you to learn about the field in depth and gain the experience you need to be successful in the long run.