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Oklahoma Family Therapist Training

The position of family therapist is one of the most sought after jobs for those who want to work in a career that is known for helping people, and with the right amount of training you can be on your way to being a family therapist yourself if this is your ambition. Marriage and family therapists often work to provide much needed counseling and therapy to those who want to improve their emotional status. Often people seek family therapy after traumatic events that involve someone's home life such as when a family member dies. People can also seek marriage and family therapy for other reasons such as when going through a divorce or when a person is thinking about divorcing their spouse. This career field can be an interesting way to make a living and one that is full of fulfillment for many who work in the field but there can also be many ups and downs associated with dealing with emotionally unstable individuals on a daily basis. Often people who start out in this career field may find that they cannot handle the stress of working with others with certain issues but if you are a person that has a passion for helping those in need through techniques such as cognitive and behavioral therapy then this may be an ideal field for you to find yourself working in.

 Training to become a counselor, whether a marriage and family counselor or otherwise, takes a good amount of work to accomplish which can be overwhelming at times for some.  When going into this field of study it is therefore suggested that you have an affinity for learning about human psychology and various psychological problems that many people may face.  Starting your training to become a family therapist in Oklahoma will involve many hours of schooling through undergraduate school programs and the progression to graduate school training after this as well. In most states a master’s degree is required for a person to make it to the status of a counselor and beyond this a state recognized exam and many long hours of in the field work is required.  In addition to this becoming a family therapist takes a dedication to the job of helping others and to getting through the necessary training in order to get a license and practice on your own.  Many potential family therapists can take a different direction in their undergraduate degree period because of the burnout that school can induce in a person but if you are prepared for the task of becoming a family therapist this need not be the case. 

One of the first steps that you should seriously consider when trying to pursue this field is doing well in high school so that you can get into a high quality university and pursue a comprehensive undergraduate degree.  Many people who plan on becoming therapists take psychology as an undergraduate degree program option in order to better learn the principles necessary to be successful in the field.  Though you can pursue another degree program besides psychology and still be successful as a therapist, choosing psychology as a degree program may leave you better prepared for the course work in graduate school and for getting into graduate school.  When in your undergraduate years it is also important to seek as much experience in the field as you can by trying to involve yourself in internships and research that deals with the psychology field. 
In addition to going to undergraduate school you must complete a master’s in marriage and family counseling to become a family therapist.  This is by no means an easy task and requires quite a bit of focus to complete so you should be prepared for this when the time comes.  In addition to graduate school 3000 hours or more of clinical trials may be required upon graduation from your master’s degree program. These clinical trials are supervised and have the potential to teach you all of the different aspects of the job that you need to know in order to be successful.  These hours of supervised clinical trials will also help to give you the knowledge you need to be successful on your certification exam.