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What is the Job Outlook for Family Therapy in Ohio?

All over the US including in Ohio the marriage and family therapy field is thriving and this great job outlook encourages many people to seek the training necessary to become a family therapist in their area. Practicing family therapy involves helping individuals and families through times of emotional crises and many of the professionals in the field enjoy a sense of comfort at the thought that they are helping others to achieve happiness through their work.  Many family therapists help people that are going through issues by working to change people’s perceptions on those issues they may be going through, or by changing the behavior of some of their patients.  Counselors may also work in a variety of settings in order to accomplish this goal including family treatment centers, hospitals, and private practices all over the US.  There are even family therapy jobs available through the government but in addition to the clinical experience and the master’s degree needed to become certified in the field, those who want to work as a government funded therapist may also have to go through civil examinations in order to do so.   In addition to this, in order to be certified as a family therapist one will have to go through at least 3000 hours of supervised trials in order to be cleared to take the licensure exam and practice.

Though becoming a family therapist can be a tough endeavor there are a few ways that you can go about getting started in your education.  One of these ways is to first get your undergraduate degree at a four year university in Ohio that is near you.  Taking this route may increase your chances at getting a position with a clinic or practice upon graduation because going to a college situated on campus gives you the opportunity to make more face to face connections and meet more people that could help you in the long run.  Going to class can also aid you with your degree program as a whole because it can help you to find resources you need to be successful in the field.  In addition to going to an on-campus school another option that you may want to take in terms of your undergraduate career is going to school online.  Though going to school at a campus may be more convenient as far as making connections is concerned, going to school online is often a more flexible way to learn and this can be ideal for a person that is working while in school or has many other obligations.  If you are a person in Ohio that wants to seek education through online means then there are many schools that offer the degree programs that you need to get into a good graduate school including Kaplan University and the University of Phoenix.   These schools are accredited and offer comprehensive degree programs that can help you to get into the graduate school that you need to get your license in family therapy.

When choosing an undergraduate degree program it may be good for you to keep in mind that the most pursued undergraduate degree program to ensure that you get into the marriage and family counseling grad program is a BA in psychology.  Though there are other degree programs that you can choose which will also get you into graduate school it is important to realize that you would be wise to pick one that is related to the field you want to practice in.  In addition to this it is necessary to realize that there may be many other things that a graduate school program will consider when deciding whether to accept your application or not.  Taking all of the opportunities that you can in terms of internships and research at the undergrad level is important for your success in grad school and with being admitted.   After your grad school career is over the next step in the process of getting your license is to take part in supervised clinical trials in order to gain the necessary experience a family therapist must have to practice in the field.  The clinical trials that you go through will not only prepare you more adequately for the certification exam but also for what is to come when you are working as a family therapist in the future.