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What are the wages for a Family Therapist in New Mexico?

Becoming a marriage and family counselor in New Mexico can lead to a competitive salary that may be up to $62,000 depending on the area of the state that you work in but in addition to salary the job of a family therapist can offer much more.  Family therapists are often people who are interested in bettering the condition of the families and individuals that they work with and they often have a passion for this line of work.  If you are a person who is pursuing this career path for salary alone then you may find that this is a field that can be emotionally overwhelming and require a long while of preparation.  For many the training and education that goes into becoming a family therapist may not be worth it in terms of entry level salary but as you grow in your field salary options can often become more competitive.  If you are a person looking to start this type of career then though there is much required in terms of training and education, with a dedication and passion for learning about psychology you can find yourself on your way to becoming a family therapist in a clinic near you.

When it comes to working in this field it is important to realize that there are a few steps involved in getting a license to practice and the salary that you desire.  The first thing that you should be prepared to undergo is enrolling in an bachelor’s degree program at an accredited university and then going on to graduate school in order to get your master’s or doctorate degree in the field.  Many graduate school marriage and family therapy degree programs may require that a student graduate from an undergraduate bachelor’s degree program in a similar discipline before a student can be accepted.  Some degree programs that fit this description include the psychology and social work degree programs that a great number of colleges offer all across the country.  Getting a degree in these two disciplines can prepare you for the coursework that is ahead in your graduate degree program and also prepare you for work as a professional in the field.  One thing to consider before choosing a degree program at the undergraduate level is whether you would want to go to school online or in a physical classroom.  As both methods of learning may have their ups and downs this could be an important decision for you when it comes to being successful in your degree program.

In addition to going through an undergraduate and graduate degree program you will also have to undertake supervised clinical trials in order to be able to take the examination for your certification as a family therapist.  Going through these trials is an adequate way to prepare you for what duties you can expect to be doing throughout your career as a family therapist so it is important that you focus on doing well in them if you are to be successful at work and on your exam of licensure.  One of the main things besides this to consider when going through your clinical trials is whether working in the field hands on is right for you or whether you would be better equip to work in research.  As research in marriage and family therapy is a job that can put you out of direct contact with patients and still offer you the chance to feel rewarded for the contributions you make this side of the family therapy field may be ideal for some but the decision rests in your hands.