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Steps to Become a Family Therapist in New Hampshire

Many practices in New Hampshire both private and public may offer competitive salaries for prospective family therapists but if you want to be a part of this field then there are a few steps involved in the process.  The first step to getting any family therapist position is going to school and then getting licensed in the field.  The process to get your license requires extensive experience in addition to the educational training it takes to become a family therapist. In fact to apply for licensure requires a person to get at least a master’s degree in a marriage and family therapy degree program.  This can be done by first getting a bachelor’s degree in a related field through a four year university either at a campus or online.  Though many people choose to go to school on campus at a university, going to school online for your degree can be ideal for those who either work or have other obligations because of the flexibility many online programs present to students.  You can also get a master’s and often a doctorate degree online in the field of family therapy so it is good to keep this option in mind for your educational career.  If you want to go to school online one important thing to remember is that you should always do your research and find out if the school you are looking to enroll in is an accredited university.  Some colleges online can be unaccredited and this can really effect you when it is time to go to graduate school or to get a job in the field after graduation. 

In addition to finding an accredited university online there are also many institutions in the state of New Hampshire that offer very good programs for those seeking to become family therapists.  When choosing your degree program at the undergraduate level it is necessary to choose wisely and to set yourself up so that it will be easy to transition into graduate school upon graduation.  As going to graduate school is the only way to become a licensed family therapist it is important to take advantage of opportunities that are offered at your school to progress in the field.   Around your sophomore or junior year looking for internships to be a part of that deal with marriage and family therapy might be a good idea to ensure that you have some experience for graduate school.  Another good practice would be to become a part of the research that a faculty member is conducting that involves some aspect of family therapy in your senior year.

Taking these steps will not only help further your experience and prepare you for grad school but will also prepare you for success in your career as well.

One of the final steps after going to graduate school and gaining your master’s degree in marriage and family therapy is going through your supervised clinical trials and training to practice in the field.   Supervised clinical trials are very necessary to give you the experience that you need to be successful and they will also help you to prepare for the exam that is ahead in order to be certified as a therapist.  In order to do well on your exam you may want to really focus with your clinical trials and learn as much as you can.  How you do when working with the professional therapists during these trials may help to determine not only how well you on your exam but also how much your salary is when you are hired at a practice.  It is because of this that doing well during your training as a whole should be your top priority when you pursue this career path.