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Nevada Family Therapy Salary

Becoming a family therapist can require much educational training as well as work training in the field and in Nevada many family therapists make a very good salary with some great benefits for all of the effort and hard work. The salary of a typical family therapist in this state could be up to 60,000 dollars a year with a master’s degree but as with many salary outlooks this could be differ from place to place within the state.  Even higher salary outlooks can be expected at the doctorate level. Being a family therapist is often seen as a fulfilling job for those who take part in it, so in addition to salary this is another reward that you may get out of a position as a family therapist. In addition to this, with all of the school work and training that is involved in being successful in the field doing it for the salary alone may not be worth it in the long run. Potential family therapists may want to have a passion for helping people and for psychology as well before going through the necessary training. If you want to be a family therapist in Nevada then it is also important that you know everything that is involved and how you can go about pursuing this career path. 

In order to get the best salary you can in this career field going through a good undergraduate program as well as a good graduate program is often necessary.  When going through your undergraduate degree program it may be wise to take into consideration that the classes that you choose and the experience you gain can really affect what graduate schools will consider you.  Getting a bachelor’s degree in the psychological discipline is often preferred with many graduate schools but if you do not pursue a psychology degree then you may still be considered in any case.  The classes that you choose at the undergraduate level should be classes that prepare you for graduate school if you want to have the easiest transition between schools and be successful.  Many graduate schools emphasize that their applicants have a concrete reason for trying to get into a particular graduate program so it is necessary to prepare yourself for this by taking every opportunity that you can to gain experience.  This may include getting an internship or doing research with a faculty member in the field.  This can also include taking as many classes that deal with marriage and family therapy as you can.

In addition to going to undergraduate and graduate school to get your degrees in the field of marriage and family therapy another step towards getting the salary that you want is to ensure that you do your clinical trial training with a good practice and also to do well in your clinical trials.  These trials further prepare you to be good at what you do and to progress in your career.  In addition to this it is also important to do well on the exam that gives you licensure in the field. The exam scores that you receive could project the level of skills that you have to any prospective employer as well as influence your salary.  Moving around and looking for the best position you can is also a great way to increase your salary.  Many places around the US or around Nevada may offer more competitive salaries than the first place that you choose to work at after getting your license.  Researching the best locations to work in the family therapy field is a great way to ensure that you get all of the money that you feel you are worth.