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Becoming a Family Therapist in Nebraska

There are thousands of family therapists all across the US treating families and individuals in today's times and if you want to join the ranks of these professionals it is necessary that you know all of the steps involved. If you live in the state of Nebraska and want to become a family therapist then the steps involved here are similar to many other states in the country and may include not only getting a graduate degree in the field but also much experience after graduation. In addition to this applying for licensure is also a necessity.

One of the first steps to getting your license in the field of family therapy is choosing an undergraduate degree program in a school that is right for you. In making your decision it is important to make sure that you choose a degree program at an accredited school that can prepare you for your training as a family therapist. . Most often people who are looking to work in this field choose a psychology degree program to enroll in but if you are already enrolled into another type of program it is still possible to get into a graduate school program in marriage and family therapy.  Another degree program at the undergraduate level that is also common when it comes to choosing family therapy as a career to go into is social work.    Choosing classes that are most in tune with the field is a good rule of thumb but even if you do not you still can be successful in the field depending on your motivation and interest.  When going through your undergraduate career you should also be looking for as many opportunities as possible to further your knowledge of family therapy which can include taking research opportunities and looking for internships that offer experience in the field.  Internships and research can not only give you a lot of necessary experience in the field but also look really good on a graduate school application.  If you want to increase your chance at getting a position as a therapist after you graduate then taking these steps is a must. 

After you finish school at the undergraduate level it is necessary to seek out a good graduate school degree program to get into.  If you are in the Nebraska area there are a few degree programs that you can take at accredited universities but many people are also taking the option of going through a graduate degree program online.  Schools such as the University of Phoenix online and Kaplan University offer competitive degree programs in marriage and family counseling that may help you to land a great job in the field.  Both going to school online and going to school to a university can have benefits and consequences so it is important to choose wisely between the two.  For example going to school online can be ideal for those who need a flexible schedule because they may work or be single parents, but going to school at a university can be ideal for those who would rather be more scheduled and who learn better in closer proximity to the instructor. 

After attending graduate school and obtaining a master’s degree or doctorate in the field many people should plan on working for an additional two years or more in the field before applying to be licensed and taking the licensure exam.  Having two years of supervised clinical experience is required by many states in the US and Nebraska is no exception.  The licensure exam is conducted by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  Taking this exam is necessary for you to practice legally in the field as a marriage and family therapist.