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Choosing the right Family therapy program in Mississippi

If you are interested in perusing a degree in family therapy then you will want to know what all the requirements you will have to meet are. This will help you when it comes to choosing which program is the right one for you.

Some of the first things you want to think about are what the state requirements for gaining your license are. Mississippi like many other states in the nation requires you to have a minimum of a master’s degree to work as a licensed marriage and family therapist. If you aren’t sure what that requires let me explain.

To obtain your master’s degree you must have already obtained your bachelors degree. Now you can go about this in many different ways, there are no standards as far as how you pursue your program, but there are some serious things you want to think about.

You can start as low as community college, just be sure that you are getting gall the early requirements that you need for your path. Don’t just ignore your advisor, most schools offer a great advisor to help with planning out your education. Take advantage of this and explain what it is you plan to do long term so that you get started right.

You can also work with an online school, but you want to hold that online school to the same standards that you would any other university or college, you want to make sure that they are accredited, and that the training and education you are getting will be the best for your desires. Some of the ways to do that are to research the school, as well as contact the board, and organizations associated with your desired profession, they will be able to tell you if the school you want to attend will fill their requirements.

Also if you plan to transfer to a different graduate school you will need to make sure that the school you are transferring to will accept the credits, and degree you receive, so don’t be afraid to contact one of the admission specialists at the school you are considering and ask questions, this can help to prevent you from making errors in your education.

After you have completed your Master’s degree you will likely have to undergo at least two years of on the jobs style training that will be supervised by someone who already has their license. This training can be divided in many different ways, but often will insist that you split the time between direct counseling and other opportunities that are available to you.

There are many ways you can pursue a program in the family therapy field, but like anything else you plan to do you should educate yourself about these options. This information is simply an overview of some of the choices and issues you may come across. The more you can educate yourself about your options the better off you will be in knowing what you will have to do to succeed in your program for becoming a marriage and family therapist.