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Education for Family Therapy in Massachusetts

First, bravo, you’re looking into taking the next step on your journey to becoming a Family therapist in Massachusetts. You have chosen a noble and valiant profession, which helps people when they are in their time of need. This does require that you obtain a great amount of education, but when you are done and have obtained your licensing you will be able to start to look for work in a rewarding field.

One of the first things you should look at is what exactly is a marital and family therapist. Marital therapy often is short term, leaving the therapy at only around twelve sessions, and generally maxing out around fifty. The therapist goal is to offer solution based information to help families and marriages discover the tools they will need to make things work for them.

You must also inform yourself as to what requirements the state board says you must meet in the educational level. As with most states, Massachusetts requires that you have at least a Master’s degree to be a professional family therapist. This means that you will have obtained your BA and moved on to a graduate school. You must also have met the requirements of the association of Marriage and Family therapy regulator Board, at the national level, and passed their exam. To take this exam you aren’t’ required to have completed post master’s training, you may apply to take the exam without this experience. You are however required to prove and submit your education information, including your education prior to your master’s degree, including education and experience.

However you will have to complete those two years of experienced based training, often requiring you to divide your time between different areas of the field. For instance you may be required to complete training in group sessions, as well as in individual, however, most often this training is all supervised by someone who already has their license, and often has been practicing for a specific number of years.

Family therapy depends on solution based problem solving to help the clients that are desperately seeking help, the time that you spend training in an experience based work environment will help you to prepare to offer these as well as other treatments to help them meet their goals.

As you can see there are some significant educational requirements when you are looking to become a family therapist, however keep in mind that you do have options, from classes online, to classes offered around your schedule, you won’t have to necessarily work straight through your degree, the only thing that must be consistent, is that your training when you begin working on it, is completed within two years. So during your professional training you won’t be able to take a year off and come back to it or you will risk having to start all over. Once you have completed your education you can begin to work to getting your license, and once that is complete you will have many doors that will open for you to apply to prospective jobs.