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Where to get started to become a Family Therapist in Maine

There are many reasons you may want to understand the requirements and steps that you need to take to become a family therapist in Maine. It can be intimidating to start a new career, but there are direct steps that you can take to make it less of a hassle. If you are just starting your college career then knowing what you want to do with it is a great place to start.

First, know that there are resources available. Because you are going to have to have an education you will want to take advantage of any advisors or counselors that your school might provide, they can help to guide you and make sure that you aren’t taking classes that you don’t need. You can start your path for this career at either the community college level or university level. You will just want to ensure that wherever you go that your degree or credits will be transferable to higher education. Because you are going to have to obtain your BA degree, and with it transfer on to graduate school.
In Maine, like most states a Master’s degree is required to work in the family therapy sector. You may also use a doctoral degree, but the minimum requirement is a masters. This means that you will have to take steps to work up to that graduate degree.

Online universities or colleges are a viable option, but again you will want to do your research. Make sure that if you aren’t going to obtain your master’s degree with them that your BA will be transferable to the graduate school of your choosing. Also something to consider is making sure that the online school you are working with is accredited, as well as approved by the board, because the state board will be the ultimate judge, if the school you are going to isn’t accepted there you won’t be able to get your license.

Once you have done the years of education, which vary depending on student’s availability to pursue the coursework, and their skill level, you will begin to work towards getting your license. The first step in this will be to acquire the supervised clinical study that you need. This means that you will begin working as a therapist, in either an internship, or a supervised employment position to complete the requirements to obtain your license, often times this is something that must be done within two years, and asks that you complete a certain number of hours before you are allowed to move on.  Once you have finished your training under supervision you can move on to the board exam, where you will be tested and must pass before you can get your license. Often states require that you prove you have not had your license revoked in another state, or perhaps ask that you submit to a background check to ensure that you are not a danger to the clients you plan to serve.