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Is Louisiana good for Family Therapy Careers?

The state of Louisiana is a viable option for seeking career in marriage and family therapy. You will find that once you have met the requirements that you will have a useful and rewarding choice of work options available to you.

Included but not limited to the requirements you will need to have your master’s degree, or your doctoral degree. You must have met this requirement before you can even apply to become a licensed marriage and family therapist, after that you will have to undergo a specific amount of on the job training, or internship where you will provide therapy for individuals, couples, and families, in a one on one situation as well as a group under the supervision of a licensed professional.

Once you have completed your training you will have the option of going into many different portions of the family therapy industry, you will have a wide variety of ways that you can reach out and help the people around you.

One of the choices that are available to you when you are working as family therapist in Louisiana is the private practice. Within this capacity you will have choices of working in things like private doctors offices, or within a group of other therapists. You will see clients that will range from children to families to married couples. This is among the more populated areas of this industry.

Another choice you have when you are working as a licensed family therapist is the choice of state government jobs. These positions can vary but there are sometimes openings in areas like correctional facilities, as well as in state schools. There are also different state agencies that employ therapists for their other employees.

Another type of this industry that you can apply for jobs in Louisiana is the corporate world. Often times stressful jobs in the corporate or business world will employ staff therapists so that they have someone available to their employees. This will have you working with everyone from secretaries to executives who are facing difficulties in their emotional and mental wellness.

You can also apply for positions that are related to the local government. This is where local schools, like elementary and the like would come in. They often employ marriage and family therapists to help assist with dealing with family issues for their students. Other positions you might find in this area are local government agencies, who like the corporate and state agencies may employ a therapist to help with their other employee’s issues.

So as you can see there are many choices when you are looking for a position in marriage and family therapy in the state of Louisiana, if you are looking for government positions you can look often to state websites or city websites as a resource to look for their open positions. Though there is never a guarantee of employment you can see that there are many choices when you start to apply for positions.