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Becoming a Family Therapist in Iowa

Iowa, like most states has requirements you must meet before you can become a practicing family therapist, or marriage and family therapist. This can be a highly rewarding field and though the road to achieving your license is long it will most likely be an experience you will never forget, so when you look at the requirements don’t feel overwhelmed, just understand that you’re going into a field of mental health and you won’t want to forget that people will be depending on you to have the education and training to support them in their time of need.

One of the first requirements that you must meet in Iowa to become a licensed family therapist, or licensed marriage and family therapist, is that you must have at the least a master’s degree. This means that you will have completed the first degree in university, and moved on to a graduate school to complete your master’s degree, the length of time on these varies depending on a student’s ability, and amount of free time to dedicate to their work. In turn a doctoral degree will also serve to supply your educational needs.

Secondly like in most states you will have to have completed a certain number of hours of clinical practice. This is a time during your training that you begin working on a job where you treat people seeking family therapy, or marriage therapy. This time is most often supervised by someone who has met the requirements to supervise you as deemed by the board, which can mean a certain amount of time as a licensed practitioner, or other requirements are sure to check. Your clinical experience in Iowa must be completed within two years. This means that if you previously attempted to complete the training but didn’t finish you must start over.

As well as the experience you obtain you must be able to pass the national exam. If you are coming from another state you may qualify to have your licensed transferred by interstate endorsement, so you will want to be sure that you double check, because the state you are coming from must have had at least equal standards to Iowa.

Once you have met the requirements you will be able to take the exam, after submitting your application, there will be fees involved with both of these things, your license will then last for two years, after which you will have to file for renewal.

These may not include all the requirements that you need to meet to obtain your license to practice marriage and family therapy in the state of Iowa. However it will give you a good jumping off point to understand what you will need to do to achieve your goals. Things to remember are making sure that however you do get your education that it is from an accredited source; you can contact the board or your school to make sure that you are going to be able to use your education.