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Illinois Family Therapy Salary

You've probably spent a good amount of money, as well as significant amounts of time on your education to become a family therapist, so it's not surprising that you want to know what type of salary you are going to make, unfortunately there is no exact answer. However, we can cover some statistics that will help you get a good idea of where to start when you are applying for positions in the family therapy.

The overall numbers for Illinois break down into 220, with a 33.5% employment RSE, or a .040 jobs per thousand, according to the bureau of labor and statistics. They also note that the mean salary for the state in overall jobs in the marriage and family therapy field, as being 45,010 at an annual rate, and 21.64 per hour. Now an important thing to keep in mind is these statistics are from 2010, as well as the fact that the state information isn’t broken down by which type of therapy you plan to work in.

National numbers can also help you to get a grasp on what you’re going to need regarding which areas relate to which wages in the national means. This can also help you when you are trying to decide what area of therapy you plan to work in.

The overall numbers regarding marriage and family therapists in 2010 include an overall employment rate of 33,050, or 9.3 percent. You will find that the national average annual wage is 47,530, whereas the mean hourly wage is 22.85. This encompasses the means from all different fields of the marriage and family therapy sectors. The low end annual wage overall is 11.48 per hour, or 23,870 annually, but this encompasses the tenth percentile, whereas the high end, in the 90th percentile are at 72,280 annually, and 34.75 hourly.

From this point we can begin to look at the different areas of industry, or sectors that are involved in the family therapy occupation. The area or industry with the highest employment rates is the individual and family service. In the individual and family service selection you would be working with clients who fall under things like child and youth services, also helping the elderly or the disabled, along with some other individual family services. The annual mean wage for this portion of the industry is 45,430 per year. The employment rate is .82 percent of the industries employment. You also have the choice to work in different areas.

One of the other areas you can pick is the state level government. State government consist of working at agencies, or places that are run specifically by state offices, some examples might be the state correctional facilities, or state offices that could be offering an available therapist to their other employees. This particular branch of the family therapy industry has a mean annual wage of 59,240. The mean hourly wage is 28.48, and it accounts for .23 percent of the industry employment.

One more choice that you can consider when you are uncovering information regarding the family therapy jobs, and there perspective salary. That is there are of local government jobs, this area deals very similarly with things that you will find in state government but they will be provided by the local government agencies, for instance the city juvenile hall, or the local school. These positions can be either local city or county positions. They provide you with a mean annual wage of 55,650.

All of the wage and employment statistics can be found on the bls website, and this doesn’t cover it all but is meant to give you a reasonable starting place for information regarding the salary for a family therapist in the state of Illinois.