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Hawaii Family Therapist Careers

There are many different career paths you can look to when you have a degree in marriage and family therapy. It's a wide and varied field of work that will give you choices. You can expect that you will even though you have gone into therapy have choices about which career direction you take.

You have a great amount of choices that you can pick when you’re getting ready to start your career in family therapy in Hawaii, these aren’t the only ones you have, but this will offer you a brief overview of what kind of choices you can make. There is more information available, including more statistics, on the bureau of labor and statistics. Always make sure that you are doing as much research as you can before you pick a section of therapy you want to pursue. One of the first things you need to know is that there are some heavy education standards when it comes to being a therapist. Most states, Hawaii included require that you have a master’s degree.  On top of that, masters degree you generally are required to complete a certain amount of hours that you must spend working one on one or in-group sessions with clients.

When you are to understand the statistics, you can start with looking at the national employment statistics. For marriage and family therapists the national employment is 33, 050, at a 9.3 %. Honolulu is among the top paying metropolitan areas for this occupation, with a 40 employment, .09 jobs per thousand, and an annual mean wage of 76, 680.

Some of the different areas of careers you can look into are those in the individual and family services, which employ the most people in this job field, at a national number of 9,890, in this area there are things that fall into categories like mental health for the disabled, and care for the elderly along with children and families. This particularly industry has a mean wage nationally of 45, 430.

Another industry portion to take into consideration is the state government level, which is the second highest employment option according to the bureau of labor and statistics.  This field is part of the state government controlled things, such as state level juvenile facilities, and social working. This portion of industry accounts for 5,380 in the job numbers, and a 59,240 annual mean wage.

Another couple choices when looking at the industry for family therapists are residential care and offices, in residential care you would be dealing with things like inpatient mental health, and substance abuse. When it comes to an office that is generally to mean that, you would work within an office with other therapists and sometimes doctors. Another example of this would be to work inside a hospital, with a group of doctors and nurses. Another popular choice in industries that employ people who have marriage and family licenses is local government, these jobs can be similar to state government, but instead of working for instance at the state juvenile department you would work specifically for a local, town or county. Other examples of local jobs could include local family services, or local government offices that might need someone on staff to help the other employees.

All of these options and more can be found when you are getting ready to work in the family therapy field. You just need to sit back and look at which things are most important to you. If you are more interested in working with troubled youth a local government job might be the best choice for you.