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Family therapy job outlook for Family therapists in Delaware

With the state of the economy and the requirements going up while wages come down it's important to know what type of outlooks is available to the profession you are in, or plan to go into. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national employment estimates for a marriage and family therapist are approximately 33,050. Of these therapists, they are earring up to 72,280 yearly, being in the 90% percentile. The National mean salary for this type of position is around 45,720 a year.

The employment is broken up into different areas, where individual and family services is at the top of the list of places that family therapists are working nationally, after that the bureau of labor statistics shows that it is state and government positions that are second in line of the national percentage.

In Delaware, the percentage rate is 9.3, showing that it is 0.479 per thousand jobs that work within he marriage and family therapists category. The mean hourly rate for this position in the state of Delaware is 24.96, offering a yearly mean of 51,910 according to the bureau of labor statistics.
There are other things that you should know when you are looking at the job outlook for family therapists in the state of Delaware, and those are the requirements for obtaining your license.

Some of the requirements that you will need to meet are, submitting to a criminal history check, offering the state a form of your background. You also will need to make sure you submit your application for license. Delaware like most states requires that to work as a licensed therapist you must have completed at least a graduate degree. On top of your graduate degree, you will need to work directly with clients, and under supervision to meet the amount of hours that are required. The state of Delaware has a minimum of 1600 hours of supervised experience that you will need to complete before you are able to apply for your license. If you are looking at coming in to the state as being licensed somewhere else you will want to do your research and see what you need to do to obtain a new license within the state of Delaware, because not all states have the same requirements.

So when you are considering working in Delaware as a licensed marriage and family therapist you’ll be happy to know that they are among the top five states for mean wages, ranking in at the third highest. If you are just going into your education requirements for becoming a marriage and family therapist then you will be happy to know that the outlook seems to be a reasonable one for taking this career path.  You will have the option of working in many different areas, such as the private practice area or within the social sector, working in something like a correctional facility. Some employers even hire marriage and family therapists to offer their services to employees.