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Family therapy degrees in Connecticut

Becoming a marriage and family therapist is a rewarding road. Marriage and family therapists offer their patients ways to reach their goals, they are very much oriented to helping their clients discover solutions, and they handle a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to, personal problems, people suffering with marital issues, anxiousness, and relationships between parents and children. However, there are things you need to know regarding your education, and the requirements that you will need to meet in order to be able to become a licensed practitioner.

The first step is to know what kind of degree requirements there are. In the state of Connecticut, you must have your Master’s degree as a minimum in your education. This means that you will have already graduated with your Bachelor’s degree and completed the requirements of your postgraduate school.

Each school has different things you must do to comply with their requirements for the specific master’s program you are interested in perusing. So you will, when you are beginning your degree process want to look into the requirements for not only the education in your graduate school, but what the state will require of you. Make sure you know what the options are that are provided by the school. Often there will be an advisor readily available to help you make choices when it comes to deciding which classes to take, and making a plan for completing your degree.

After you’ve completed your degrees, the state requires that you meet the minimum of two years working experience. This will be done as supervised clinical practice, meaning that you will have a board-licensed supervisor to help you to train and become ready to work later on. Marriage and Family Therapists work closely with families, and you will have a wide choice on where to work when your degree is done.

There are many career paths open to you after you have completed your degree and training. You can look into working in a private practice, where many family therapists choose to work, or you can turn to different choices. Many schools employ family therapists, as do some government agencies, like the correctional facilities. Even businesses are beginning to employ therapists to benefit their workforce.

There are also many health care facilities offer you choices when you’re deciding how you want to use your degree, hospitals are one option. However, there are also places like county mental health and residential treatment facilities will be one of the choices you can look into after you become a licensed family therapist.

Be sure you are doing your research and making all the steps you need to make to obtain your degree in family therapy. There are lots of choices when it comes to how you do this, some schools offer online classes through their own websites, just make sure when you look into taking those courses online, that either they come from your school or come from an accredited source that your school will accept.