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How to become a Family Therapist in California

The first step in becoming a Family Therapist in California is to understand the education requirements. Each school program that is available will have their own individualized requirements, aside from those that the state needs. You will want to take a good look over your choice schools programs and make sure that you are getting all the requirements you need when you set up your classes. It's probably a good idea to talk these things over with some form of advisor, there are often advisors, or counselors available for you to meet with when you are making your class plans. For the state requirements, you need to be able to meet the education level of either a Doctor's or Master's degree before you begin the application process.

In California on top of those requirements, you have to meet some extra coursework, which may not be included in your degree. Among those requirements are courses on Child Abuse Assessment, and the reporting guidelines this amounts to seven hours. Human Sexuality course that is at least ten hours, coursework on domestic abuse, the ways to detect it and intervene, you are also required to complete two semesters, or three quarters in California law and professional ethics. These are not all of the requirements in the state of California, but it will give you an idea of the types of requirements in course work that you will have to meet.

Other requirements include supervised experience. You are required to complete a certain amount of supervised experience before you are able to obtain your license overall it’s 3,000 hours. You will need to break these down into specific areas that include, but are not limited to workshops, group therapy, and therapy of couples, family and children that are directly preformed by you.  These are not by far all the requirements you will need to meet, however it does start to give you a feel of what working towards your goal of becoming a family therapist in the state of California will be like.
Once you have met all these requirements and passed the exam and have your license in hand you can start to think about what type of jobs that you’re going to want to look at. If you are looking for something in the public service type sector you can consider working with the department of corrections, through their rehabilitation program there are sometimes openings that would fit your newly obtained profession.  There are two other public sector choices that you can look into, the department of mental health may have openings that would be suited, or you can look into the state’s association of public sector job opportunities.

Another resource that you won’t want to pass up is looking into the associations that are related to your field of work. Often those sites will have links to the best places to look for jobs in the family therapy sector.

Now, this is just an over view of the steps that it can take to become a family therapist in the state of California, this does not by far cover everything that you will need to know. Make sure you do all the research you can, and talk to professionals that can help you to discover the nuances involved in obtaining your goal. Also, remember that not all states require the same information. If you are attempting to move from one state to another you may have to meet different requirements, even though you have already gotten your license, if you think there is another state you might want to live in after you graduate, be sure to let the advisors know, and check, yourself, into those requirements.