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What are the options for Family Therapy Jobs in Alaska?

If you are looking at your options of jobs in Alaska as a Family Therapist, something you'll want to keep in mind is that each state often has their own requirements for education, and hours to receive a license within that state. So even for example, if you are a licensed and practicing family therapist in California the requirements may be different tin Alaska.

Alaska requires that you have a master’s degree or a doctorate degree in Marital and family therapy before you can apply for a license, this must also be from a regionally accredited school. Alaska also requires that you have a minimum of 200 hours where half of that time is individual and half is in group, all supervised. You not only have to pass the National License test but also you will be required to study and pass the states examination, that will be pertaining to the regulations and state requirements.  These are some of the things that you’ll want to take into consideration when you’re looking for Family Therapy job in Alaska. Now what types of jobs can you get within the family therapy range?  Many, Alaska has a wide variety of jobs available.

Like other states you have choices when you are looking at dealing with family therapy, marriage therapy is just one form of job that you can consider as an option in Alaska. There are also state jobs that require Therapists, including things like working with the social services and there may be positions available for someone who has completed their degree and is licensed within the juvenile system often juvenile courts will work closely with therapist.

If you are more interested, there are likely private practices that are often looking for counselors. This is one of the options that you can look into when you are trying to find a family therapy job in Alaska, private practices often do things like individualized counseling as well as marriage counseling. Working in a private practice you will likely find that there are options for group sessions as well as one on one counseling experiences.
Another source to check would be to check the school systems and see what type of family counseling they employee and what kind of requirements and specifications they need you to meet to work with them, but it can’t hurt to check all the options that are available.

Like any other state some of the best steps you can make when you’re looking to discover all the options available for your specialty are to look at the state website, often, state websites will have links to government jobs that are available at the time. States these days often also have their employment searches up on a website, this will help you get a better idea of what options you have available to you in finding a job in Alaska for your family therapy career.