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What is a Child Therapist Job?

A child therapist's job is to deal with young children helping them to cope with and work through emotional, mental and physical problems. These therapists mainly work with children who under age 12 and the idea is to try to get them to show expression of their feelings through the use of such mediums as art, speech, and playing.

Child therapists carry very specialized skill and knowledge that enables them to properly identify problematic and undesirable behaviors in children and allows them to prepare specifically tailored treatments to achieve the desired outcome. A child therapist is trained to work with children and theirchild therapy families together and is able to develop and help implement individual treatment plans and options which are appropriate for each child's specific problems and needs.

A child's reactions to life circumstances that are stressful and unknown can range from being very mild and fleeting, to extremely severe and enduring. When a child is unable to resolve their problems on their own within a reasonable time span, therapeutic intervention may be called for. Therapy can help to give children and their families the opportunity to discover, discuss and understand problems that the child may be facing. Therapy also gives the child the chance to develop the necessary coping skills that they will need later in life. Therapy is also a good opportunity for parents to raise their concerns about their child's mental health and well being. Part of a child therapists job is educating parents in regards to their child's particular needs, and helping them to meet these needs in the most appropriate and effective way. It is extremely important to realize that without appropriate treatment, a child's mental health problems can become severe and cause more serious, long lasting, life altering effects. That is why the child therapists job is so very important.


A child therapist should naturally have a love for children and should want to help them grow up to be the most happy and healthy adults that they can possibly be. Child therapists should also have an innate ability to communicate with children and to understand them even when they aren't so clear. Some of the traits and skills that a child therapist should possess are as follows.

  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Empathy
  • Kindness
  • Loyalty
  • Good communication skill

Gaining a child's trust, particularly a child who has been traumatized in one way or another, is a very difficult task but one that is absolutely essential for a child therapist to be able to properly do their job and help their small patient to overcome their difficulties. Knowing and possessing some of those skills will make it that much easier to help young patients to regain their bearing and place in the world. Helping families to cope with a child's problems is just as important, too. Being able to properly explain what is going on with a child to their parents and family is as vitally important as is helping the child to understand.