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How to Become a Speech Therapist

How to Become a speech therapistSpeech therapists, who are also named speech-language pathologists, are in the allied health field of speech pathology and assist people who are going through difficulties with language and speech due to delay in development, or possibly cognitive or physical impairment. Specifications in order to get a job in this allied health field differ according to state as well as by employer. Almost all jobs in speech therapy call for at least the person to have their master’s degree.

Bachelor’s Degree
Individuals interested in entering the field of speech therapy need to first acquire their bachelor’s degree in the field of either pathology of pre-professional speech-language  or a field that is related. Standard course prerequisite consist of normal development of language, audiology phonetics, physiology and anatomy of hearing and speech, diagnostic methods, children’s language disorders, clinical practicum, clinical observation, and behavioral neuroscience.

Master’s Degree

The person who is trying to become a speech-language pathologist needs to get their master’s degree and it ought to be acquired through a university or college that has an accredited graduate program.  A number of courses which are taken within an undergraduate program have a greater in depth study, and there are additional required courses which might include articulation modification, aural rehabilitation, stuttering and fluency, disorders in motor speech, swallowing disorders, disorders that are in acquired language, research design, a special research project, and some clinical practicum which is more advanced.

Public Schools

Most of the states require that the speech therapists are either registered or licensed to practice their speech therapy in places other than the public school setting.

If you want to become get a job in this allied health field, chances are that you are going to have to complete of a national examination in speech and language pathology.  You can also get the a certificate if you have your master’s degree and received it from an accredited program, you need 400 hours of supervised experience in a clinical setting, at least 9 months in a fellowship, and you must also pass the Praxis test.

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